Road Kerbs & Dropper Kerbs

It should be noted that householders and private contractors are not permitted to amend or alter an existing line of road kerbs forming part of a public highway without the consent and approval of the local authority highways department.

  - retaining the carriageway edge to prevent 'spreading' and loss of structural integrity

  - acting as a barrier or demarcation between road traffic and pedestrians or verges

  - providing physical 'check' to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway

  - forming a channel along which surface water can be drained

Droppers and Transition Kerbs Dropper kerbs are primarily used to reduce the amount of check on a kerb face to allow easy access for foot and vehicular traffic at access points, such as private driveway crossings or pedestrian crossings. They are manufactured as either a right-handed or a left handed dropper, when viewed from the carriageway.